"You are who you wake up as in the morning"- James Strole

….This statement is soooo very true! I know that for us grumpy morning people, at first sound, this is not happy to hear. But knowledge is power- so be happy that YOU are the one that can change this! There is much reality behind how your frame of mind effects your day. The questions or statements you say to yourself have the ability to change your focus in an instant. So what are do you saying to yourself when you wake up in the morning? “Why do I have to go to work?” or “I’m so tired…”. How do you think this affects your attitude and energy levels? You completely focused your mind on reasons why you are tired and having to do things that you don’t want to do! Try replacing those statements with something like “What am I most grateful for today?” or “What can I look forward to throughout my day?”. Draw attention to positive and empowering personal conversations, and allow yourself to have the opportunity start off your day in an advantageous way. If you have challenges answering those types of questions, then replace them with statements like “What could I feel grateful for today?”. Our minds must be retrained- and fortunately, we are the only ones that can do this for ourselves! So, tonight have sweet dreams, and tomorrow wake up as the amazing and authentic person you are, and leave the old grumpy you- behind!


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