Our Purpose

We finally settled on a mission statement that reflects our true core beliefs as a charitable organization:
Our mission is to end separation between people in order to create an environment that supports unlimited living.
It is no surprise that the founders and volunteers of People Unlimited Charities feel life that is unlimited. Separation is a huge limitation on our lives in progress. It seems that sometimes people look for reasons to separate, because they are afraid of the pureness in the power they feel in coming together with others. Our passion is to bring together all walks of life (culture, genetic, age, height, weight, personality, economic, etc) and emphasize the positives of our differences. If we were all the same- we would not need anyone but ourselves. Since we are each unique, we must learn to let go of the competitive nature that sabotages our connection with one another.
Strength comes in numbers, and you need a lot of strength to generate momentum in your life to constantly expand in an unlimited way. Limits are no fun, and generally they are just crippling to the potential of life. 
So ask yourself:
“If there was no limit of separation, how would I interact with others? What would I say? How would I connect with them?”  
Post your answers here J

We are LIVE!!!!

Hi Everyone

We created this communication platform to compliment our movement out in the community. Now we have a presence in the Social Media Community as well! We invite you to post and comment on other’s posts, regarding topics that may be of interest to our charity, our volunteers, or the community at large. You can also check out our websites to the right of your screen- and find us on LinkeIn and Facebook! We appreciate your support and desire to help us help others. For more information on how you can get involved financially and/or through volunteer support, please email us at info@peopleunlimitedcharities.com.


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